Hell of a Thing is dedicated to exploring and interacting with art and culture around us on an intellectual and thoughtful level. By examining, reviewing, and interacting with art and culture, we hope to show the world why art and culture are important and necessary to our lives. We also hope to help everyone find or think about something new that they consider a Hell of a Thing. While doing this, we aim to avoid the all-too-common stance of pretentiousness or pessimism about certain things we like or don’t like, and strive to stick to a more productive and critical examination of different media and cultural related topics.

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Ian Cosgrove is a University of Delaware graduate currently living and writing on the East Coast. A better bio will come soon, because bios clearly aren’t his strong suit. What a kook. (ian@hellofathing.com)

Michael ‘Mike’ Metcalf mainly writes music-related essays and interviews for Hell of a Thing. He studied writing and art history at Northern Michigan University where he served four years on the staff of student radio station, WUPX. Currently he works in the Madison, WI area and enjoys collecting records and drinking PBR. (mike@hellofathing.com)

Kirk Yoshonis focuses on film and culture reviews for Hell of a Thing. He is currently earning a BA in Cinema Studies from Oakland University. He is serving his time as a video store clerk and aspires to be a professional film and culture critic. He enjoys horror, cult and sci-fi films, and punk music. He is a frequent podcast and talk radio consumer. Tweets @nova_scoshi. (kirk@hellofathing.com)