Another One of Ian’s Distractions.

Hi folks,

Ian here. You may remember me from past Hell of a Thing classics such as the “You Know, Like Kerouac, but Completely Different” series, or the introspective piece titled, “Zen and the Art of Writing a Damn Article.” It has a been a while, but, well… here’s a damn article. This one, titled appropriately, is another distraction.

With all of the work I have been doing lately, I haven’t been able to find much time to do some writing for the site, and only just a small fraction of my time has been dedicated to my personal writing. But I’m getting somewhere with that, so there’s a silver lining.

One good thing, however, that has come from the amount of work that I’ve being doing this past month or so is that I have been able to listen to just an absolute shit ton of music. New and old, classics and past favorites. I do a good amount of writing for my job, so I need something to drown out the diegetic noise that surrounds me.

From that day to day, and the occasional nightly vodka, comes this: a new series, a weekly one, one that is guaranteed to change and keep those who follow entertained.

A Fucking Playlist. Yes, get excited, they are handwritten (hopefully on new stationary every week) and scanned at work either before I get workin’, at lunch when I microwave my pre-prepped meals, or right before I make the long walk to my car for the day. This way, you’ll get to learn a little more about me and my headspace.

Shut up, it’s better than a damn Top 10. If you need help reading my handwriting, email my assistant at



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