Kralle ‘Demo MMXVII’

One of our missions here at Hell of a Thing, along with discussing current trends in contemporary art, is that we’ve been wanting to promote the work of artists in their genesis. That opportunity has risen recently with the release of Michigan-based black metal band, Kralle’s, first demo.

Kralle, the moniker for Jalen Ries’ solo project, finds itself attempting to create a place for itself at the table of a genre soaked in tradition and, for some, trend. This is not the case for Ries, however. By combining an urban, hardcore take on the Black Metal musically with nods towards traditional Norwegian form in the vocals, Kralle has found an soapbox for itself.

Courtesy of Kralle’s Bandcamp.

The key track to hear is definitely going to be Wolf River Runs Red. Triggered drums is a fairly new concept to Black Metal as opposed to the old, acoustic drums. The song wastes no time in drawing out sections for long like some of the genre’s predecessors. Without sounding corny, the entirety of the EP is less talk, more rock; likely an element taken from Ries’ hardcore roots.

Here at Hell of a Thing, we’re excited to hear more from the mid-Michigan artist and what he contributes not only to his own catalogue but to the genre as a whole.

Click here to listen to Demo MMXVII and don’t forget to download it.

– By Mike Metcalf


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