Hidden Figures in Plain Sight

I just rushed out of work to catch the 7:45pm showing of Hidden Figures. This was a GREAT film. It had so many elements that I like to see in a film and was well worth my $11. It was the perfect time for this film to be released and I recommend that everyone go and see it.

Hidden Figures Day 41
The story starts in the middle of the space race. Russia has just launched Sputnik and is giving the US of A an all-around ass whooping as far as the competition is concerned. Americans were paranoid of what could come next and of looking foolish to the rest of the world. The space program was in its infancy and needed to find some new leaders to help them gain a victory over the threatening Commies across the pond.

These leaders come in the form of three black women. The juxtaposition of these women having to deal with being treating like lesser humans while being relied upon to basically save the country from total annihilation and embarrassment is an interesting one. I am not going to go into a bunch of detail about how they were treated, but it was typical of what you would have seen in the early 1960’s. All three main characters manage to become leaders in their field through hard work and giving shit as much as they got.


As the film went on, I started to realize that I was watching it on Martin Luther King Day and what this film represents. It seems like a pretty solid representation of the racial climate at the time. Seeing how people were treated and looking back at the 60’s, one can’t help but look at today. It is MLK Day, a few days before Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the president. The racial climate throughout his race and after he was elected has remained strained. It was great to hear people around me cheering for the women’s triumphs and refreshing to know that other people seemed to feel the same way about the film and what is going on in the world today.

I love it when a film can not only be so relevant, but also executed so well. The other story arcs that the characters go through aside from their rise to the higher tiers of NASA are just as interesting. The film was able to be a love story, a history lesson, a comedy, a call to action, and so much more in just a couple hours.

The acting was superb from all three leading ladies and their co-stars as well. The film was beautifully written and was great visually. Go out and see this thing. Hopefully you will be hearing a lot more about it in the coming Oscar race. It would be great to see some well deserved recognition for this thing.

Check out the trailer here.

-By Eric Schmidt


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